Welcome Message and Forum Rules

Welcome to Guitar Tabs! Share guitar tabs and chords of songs in this forum.
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Welcome Message and Forum Rules

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Hello there! Welcome to the Guitar Tabs Community Forum!

This forum was developed due to popular demand for discussing guitar tabs and chords.

Hope you all contribute and enjoy the forum.

Overall Community Guidelines

• The Guitar Tabs Forum is a community of musicians and guitarists.
Our purpose is to share guitar tabs and chords of various songs.
Please display a positive, friendly attitude and be respectful of other's opinions.

• Attacking other members is not allowed and can result in a warning or ban. Comments that are disrespectful to others or otherwise violate what we believe are appropriate standards for discussion may be deleted.

• Give people a little time to respond to your guitar tabs/chords requests. People are busy and it may take a while for users to notice and respond to your request.

• Please try to post in the correct section of the forum

• SELF PROMOTION - Please do not link to your own site in posts or say check out my site or contact me - in any way! No link drops to your own site allowed except in signatures or the help section.

• RULE VIOLATION - 1st violation, gentle warning and reminder of the rules. 2nd violation, ban warning. 3rd - you are out. Exceptions to the rule are blatant spam or overt guideline violations which can result in an instant ban.
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